Around the PQ – Tribes and Plague Rats

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In the early 1900s, Australia suffered wave after wave of bubonic plague, delivered by trading ships infested with rats.

A group of performers commented on the way that the rats of England traveled outward, colonizing the world, and spreading disease. As a part of the PQ Tribes series, The National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australia costumed a team of street performers, and headed out into the city to spread humor and wonder and plague.

Around the PQ – The Modalities of Exhibitions

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The international and student exhibitions at the Prague Quadrennial belong to a niche when discussing genres of art. Even in Europe, where spatial installations are a little more prevalent than in the United States, the idea of conceptually creating a space to be experienced in a museum setting is still not main-stream. Anyone in the general population knows what it is to look at a painting, or a photograph, or a sculpture. It takes a little more effort to communicate the concept of this sort of art.

Around the PQ – Hungarian Exhibit: Donor for Promotheus

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Promotheus is, in Greek Mythology, a Titan. He stole fire and delivered it to mankind, in defiance of the will of Zeus. As punishment for this crime, he was chained to a rock. Every day, his liver was eaten by an eagle, after which it grew back, because of his immortality.

In these pictures, you see the Hungarian exhibit for the Prague Quadrennial, displayed next to the USA exhibit at St. Anne’s Church. It is titled Donor for Promotheus, and was designed by Czaba Antal.

The installation is intended to support organ donation, specifically seeking both liver donars and monetary contributions to support liver transplants.

Soda Bottle Balustrade

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I was asked for a curved balustrade unit that could be moved around the stage by performers. This did not want to be simple wooden spindles. It really needed to be the kind of big, cement balustrade that would be present at an upscale hotel on the Mediterranean in France. This particular season is short on time and money for building. This is our first season in our brand new facility. Lathing Styrofoam or wood was not an option, and any kind of ready-made product that I found was too expensive. Then I had the idea to use soda bottles and water bottles.

How Do I Get Started?

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I was recently working as a guest designer at Auburn, University in Alabama. As a part of a fairly casual conversation during a work-call onstage, an undergraduate set-design student by the name of Sarah asked me a very simple question: “How did you get started as a Set Designer?”