By Scott Severence
CMI Entertainment, Inc.



Masking Buildings

There are ten 2D Victorian builds, 4′ x 12′ in the design. These can be arranged in a variety of ways to serve the show, depending on the needs of the venue. They are frames covered with digitally printed fabric.

Unlike the screens, these can include toggles and braces, so wood frames are generally fine. We had muslin skins printed in 2014 then again 2016 at Big Image Systems

The skins are 52″ wide, which is a two-inch bleed. This allows the fabric to wrap around the frame two inches on each side for glue and staples. The resolution on these digital paint elevations works great for these. The resolution would be a bit low for photos, but these are emulating scene-painting and the illustrative style solves any issues.

I got two quotes from Big Image Systems in 2014. One for printing on cloth, and one on Rolltex. I think the Rolltex is what was used for both sets, both tours so far.  You can see that 2014 quote here.  Prices will have gone up, but you can see what the order looked like.  It was $2552.00 in 2014.   The rear-projection screen is Rosco (gray) and I think we ordered it from Production Advantage.  BMI will also carry it.