• Reckless (Plymouth State University)
    Reckless (Plymouth State University)
    Reckless is a whirlwind show with a constant stream of unexpected twists.   This production was in our larger proscenium theatre.   To support the intimacy of the show, the set design places the action extremely far downstage.    Large shodowbox walls dispense props and furniture on demand, as well as holding a set of projection screens. The screens are used individually or together to create ...
  • PSU – A Christmas Carol 2018
    PSU - A Christmas Carol 2018
    Plates in PDF Format: PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-1-gp PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-2-SECTION PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-3-ELEVATIONS PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-4-border PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-5-set-props PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-6-set-props PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018-PLATE-7-set-props AutoCAD File:  PSU-Christmas-Carol-2018
  • The Birthday Party
    The Birthday Party
  • Rumors
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  • Dracula
  • Avenue Q
    Avenue Q
      Channel Position Unit # Focus Color Function Type Lamp 1 PIPE 4 1 A R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 2 PIPE 4 2 B R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 3 PIPE 4 4 C R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 4 PIPE 6 1 D R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 5 PIPE 6 2 E R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 6 PIPE 6 4 F R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 7 PIPE 7 2 G R305 Warm Front 6″ Fresnel 500 8 PIPE 8 14 H R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 9 PIPE 7 1 I R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 10 PIPE 7 3 J R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 11 PIPE 6 5 K R305 Warm Front S4 PAR 575 21 PIPE 2 3 A NC Front White Source Four 36ー 575 22 PIPE 2 4 B NC Front White Source Four 36ー 575 23 PIPE 2 5 C NC Front White Source Four 36ー 575 24 PIPE 4 3 D NC Front White Source Four 36ー 575 25 PIPE 4 5 E NC Front White Source Four 36ー 575 26 PIPE 4 7 F NC Front White Source Four ...
  • My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
    My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
  • Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)
    Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)
      This image shows Three hanging panels of red fabric, 16′ long. A black, two-dimensional luan cutout that looks like an orchestra. A 4′-8″ high rolling stair unit that moves on or off stage. A Baby Grand-sized piano shell that holds an electric keyboard. An assortment of decorated rehearsal cubes, cafe chairs, and stools. A white-on-black design painted on the floor. White projection fields hitting the cyclorama from ...
  • True West
    True West
    Decorative plates used as set dressing.   Floor treatment below.   24″ Squares.  Base coat with creams and slight variations, then add dark grout lines.
  • My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
    My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
      Keep the groundrow and floor from Sound of Music. Bring two potted trees down from props.  Paint the bases black.  Fix up the leaves a bit if needed. Bring down the plant stand we built for True West.  Paint it black.  Put a potted plant on it.   Use a black pot.   The plant can be a vine if needed. Paint the bar we ...
  • A Grand Night for Singing
    A Grand Night for Singing
  • You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Papermill)
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Papermill)
  • Smokey Joe’s Cafe
    Smokey Joe's Cafe
    The design for Smokey Joe’s Cafe allowed and interior and an exteriror setting, with the change happening at the intermission break.  It was designed to rep with two other shows that season, sharing a backdrop with On The Town, and a platform across the back with You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.   The neon sign shown in the rendering was redesigned based on the specific graphic rights ...
  • Iolanthe
  • The Robber Bridegroom
    The Robber Bridegroom
    The director for The Robber Bridegroom asked for a set that looked like an empty space, with many of the accoutrements of a barn.   He wanted slides for the actors to go down, ropes to swing on, and lots of rustic object with which to make scenery as a part of the action.     He wanted the ensemble to always be on ...
  • The Full Monty
    The Full Monty
  • Forever Plaid
    Forever Plaid
  • All Shook Up
    All Shook Up
  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    KAT Company produces annually in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The venue is a proscenium house with a wide stage, low proscenium, and no movable flies. Beauty and the Beast is a show which wants to have a large variety of full-realized fanciful settings. To achieve this, the set consisted of three base-settings: The village, the forest, and the ...
  • Antigone
  • The It Girl
    The It Girl
  • Carousel
    Carousel was produced in the traditional wing-and drop manner, with many full-stage painted drops and cut-drops. A special wooden-groundrow was constructed with long flippers that could transform from a view of the harbor to a view of the carnival. This served as an additional two painted drops, and allowed the cyclorama to be used in each of those settings. The opening prologue ...
  • Lettice and Lovage
    Lettice and Lovage
    Lettice and Lovage requires three distinct settings.  The venue for this production had no fly system, and limited wingspace.   One of the tasks of this design was to establish all of the settings, making the set changes happen quickly and easily, and to not consume too much wing space.  Towards this end, wagons were used that were double-sided, becoming components of multiple ...
  • Frindle
    Frindle was a very cinematic production with rapidly changing settings.    The cyclorama UR and the open book SL were both used continuously as projection surfaces for a combination of still images, computer generated video animations, and edited video of performers.       
  • Ananse the Spiderman
    Ananse the Spiderman
    Ananse the Spiderman and the Golden Box of Stories is an original work based on an African folk hero.  The set is designed to accomodate the lead character, who swings around the stage on a long web.    There is also a large portion of the set upstage which is The Kingdom of the Sky People.   Many characters appear only here, all of them appearing ...
  • Ernest in Love
    Ernest in Love
    Ernest in Love is a musical presentation of The Importance of Being Ernest. It includes nine settings.   Barnstormers Theater has a great staff and high production values, but their theatre has no fly system.   This design was conceived to allow fast changes between settings, serve the presentational style of the show, and to provide the same effect as lots of painted drops without actually ...
  • A Little Night Music
    A Little Night Music
    A Little Night Music is romantic, funny, fast-paced, and comic.  This production was staged with not a lot of physical scenery, relying on a few detailed units that could be placed easily and quickly,   Full-stage projections were used like painted drops to create dozens of settings, sometimes changing rapidly within a given song. For this production, we had three older projectors, each with 1000 ...
  • The Investigation
    The Investigation
    The Investigation was produced in the round. This design converted Studio theatre from a thrust space into a four-sided arena. with a playable mezzanine all the way around behind the audience. In each corner, there was an entrance both at deck level, and at the mezzanine level. This show is an exploration of war crime trials in the aftermath of the ...
  • Winter Fantasia
    Winter Fantasia
    Winter Fantasia was a winter-themed dance concert that happened at the beginning of December each year for a short period. Like most dance concerts, it included the work of many choreographers. Each year, a strong winter-related theme was applied. Heavy visuals, interactive projections, and moving lights were included. Below:  various media, both still and animated, used on the cyclorama.   ...
  • The Happy Time
    The Happy Time
    Barnstormers Theatre is America’s oldest Professional Summer Theatre, founded in 1931, and located in Tamworth, NH. They produce eight shows in eight weeks.    
  • Strega Nona Meets Her Match
    Strega Nona Meets Her Match
    Scenic design • Written and directed by Trish Lindberg • Adapted from the book by Tomie dePaola • Educational Theatre Collaborative • January 2000   
  • Quilters
    Scenic Design • Written by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek • Directed by Elizabeth Cox • Plymouth State University • Studio Theatre • November 1999      
  • The Clouds
    The Clouds
    The Clouds is set at the home of Socrates. We implemented a revolve which allowed casual shifting from the inside to the outside.                
  • Noises Off
    Noises Off
  • The Diviners
    The Diviners
  • The Country Wife
    The Country Wife
    Ken Canfield’s set design included a raked stage for this production. Together, we also included footlights. Each footlight had two colored bulbs in it, allowing a range of warm or cool light.