1. Keep the groundrow and floor from Sound of Music.
  2. Bring two potted trees down from props.  Paint the bases black.  Fix up the leaves a bit if needed.
  3. Bring down the plant stand we built for True West.  Paint it black.  Put a potted plant on it.   Use a black pot.   The plant can be a vine if needed.
  4. Paint the bar we pulled today gloss black.   The top should be blue and black marble (also gloss).
  5. Pull the 3 round, tall stools we agreed on today.  Gloss-black legs.  Paint the vinyl tops blue.   I ordered blue spray-paint for vinyl, which should arrive Monday at the main office.
  6. Make a blue polysheen tablecloth for the cabaret table.  Pull three matching black bentwoods to go with it.
  7. Place the piano shell as shown.  Use the same bench we used for Musical of Musicals.
  8. Seven Chinese lanterns are due Friday at the main office.  There are three 36″ DIA and for 24″ DIA.  Hang these as shown on the second or third pipe.
  9. As always, Kate can shift elements around to suit her staging and composition.