The director for The Robber Bridegroom asked for a set that looked like an empty space, with many of the accoutrements of a barn.   He wanted slides for the actors to go down, ropes to swing on, and lots of rustic object with which to make scenery as a part of the action.     He wanted the ensemble to always be on stage, watching the action, even if an individual was not in a given scene.

In order to support swingable ropes, a slide, and even a firepole, I established a structure of wooden beams.   I also designed an elaborate system of stairs and platforms, all open, with the intention of allowing the ensemble to surround the action while staying apart.   The result was a big wooden jungle-gym sort of space.

One other item the director wanted early on in the show was a sense of an old map as a backdrop.  He also wanted the versatility of a cyclorama.   To balance budget issues and meet his conceptual needs, I designed a rear-projection system for the cyc that could generate the painted-drop feel he wanted early in the show, and which was used to generate clouds, stars, and tree textures later in the show.