The design is a static set of platforms with teasers made from string curtains. The set is intended to read almost as white. In reality it wil be gray tones emulating birch and gray moss.

The lower tech boxes house-right and house-left will be covered with string curtains. Shown here are two layers of string curtain for each with possibly two types of curtain to create a portal effect. The upper tech boxes remain available for lighting.
There is a trap in use in the design. The witch drops out of site almost instantly at one point in the show. There are one or two wagons that can be moved with ropes extending into the wings. Each is placed to allow simple, invisible automation.
The floor is gray-tones with non-realistic forest textures. The platforms are a marble-ized stone. The thin trees are carpet-tubes. Most of the thin trees will require two carpet tubes to extend high enough.
The thick trees onstage are half-round. One of them includes a scrim-window so that the ghost of Cinderella’s mother can appear magically inside it.