The string curtains that were available had more browns and greens. This rendering reflects a slight palette shift for the design.
The design is a static set of platforms with teasers made from string curtains. The set is intended to read almost as white. In reality it wil be gray tones emulating birch and gray moss. A railing across the backs of the platforms is dressed with a reed curtain to echo the teasers.
The lower tech boxes house-right and house-left will be covered with string curtains. Shown here are two layers of string curtain for each with possibly two types of curtain to create a portal effect. The upper tech boxes remain available for lighting.
Railings on the taller platforms will be vertical pipes connected with cable or horizontal steel.
These will be masked with irregularly cut reed-curtains and articial plants. The dark-gray here is the reed-curtain, painted.

A good product to disguise the railing is at this link.

The product shown is six-feet high. We can cut it in half and double the length.

There is a trap in use in the design. The witch drops out of site almost instantly at one point in the show. There are two wagons that can be moved with ropes extending into the wings. Each is placed to allow simple, invisible automation.
The floor is gray-tones with non-realistic forest textures. The platforms are a marble-ized stone. The thin trees are carpet-tubes. Most of the thin trees will require two carpet tubes to extend high enough.
The thick trees onstage are half-round. One of them includes a scrim-window so that the ghost of Cinderella’s mother can appear magically inside it.

Below are allocations of string panels for positions.

Champagne will always go the full width as the foreground layer.

Green and Coffee are the background layer, and do the same coverage by alternating.

We will add the Rosebrand bits to the ends of the tech boxes and first border later.

PositionTotal PanelsChampagneGreenCoffee
Border 1291477
Border 2271377
Border 3271377
HL Tech Box8422
HR Tech Box8422
All string curtain borders over the stage should begin with the Amazon string curtains layered two curtains thick.

The Rosebrand curtains should be cut into two wedge-shapes like this. Zig-zag the cut a little as shown. This will give us two pieces per bag, for a total of six.
We will hang the Rosebrand curtains on the ends of the first border as shown. We will do the same on the tech boxes in the house.