Entangled relies on what looks like a nearly empty theatre. The back wall (seen through the arches) is painted a smooth gray. In this rendering, the floor has been painted the same color, but using long, looping strokes reminiscent of strings connecting to the audience.

Platforms are suspended using pipes that go to the electrics or the floor, irregularly.

The two tall ladders shown are intended to be eighteen-foot straight ladders. The renderings imitate the ladder found at this link: https://www.zoro.com/werner-18-ft-straight-ladder-aluminum-18-steps-300-lb-load-capacity-d1518-1/i/G1064822/ This is a 300 pound load-test ladder with eighteen rungs, eighteen inches wide.

False color has been applied to pipes, platforms, and ladders to help identify them.
Yellow platforms are shown at about +84.” We would like to be able to comfortable walk under them.
#Pipe FunctionRequired SpanLength (with 12″ to spare at each end)
6Floor to Grid18′-0″20′-0:
4Platforms to Grid11′-0″13′-0″
4Platform Support4′-0″6′-0″