For those of you who would like to fully render costumes on watercolor paper. I have assembled some great videos below. These are solid demonstrations of how to use watercolor and colored pencils together. The technique is the same whether it be for fashion rendering or for theatrical costume design.

  • I demonstrated in class today how to use paper dolls as a template for bodies. You will find those templates here.
  • Ideally, you will have tracing paper and graphite (or carbon) paper. This is the easiest way to draw on top of the printed templates.
  • If you do not have tracing paper graphite paper, regular printer paper works. Be sure to have good, bright light in your work space. Trace and draw on regular paper.
  • Once you have a good line-drawing done, heavily shade the back-side of it with a #2 lead pencil. Give it a good coating of graphite – especially where the lines are.
  • Place this (or tape it) to your watercolor paper. Now, retrace all of the lines. The pressure of a pencil point or ballpoint will transfer the graphite on the back onto your watercolor paper.
  • Now you are ready to use watercolor and colored pencil.