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This light lab emulates the experience of building cues on a lighting console. It combines the experiential lessons from the other light labs on this site, and then raises the bar. In addition to a huge range of controls, the lab allows cues to be recorded and delivered by email to multiple recipients.

This lab requires extra upkeep and back-end resources. It is not available through a creative commons license, but is being kept very affordable and easy to subscribe to. Mentor subscriptions allow up to 21 individuals at once to be registered. Registration can be found here.

A sample set of exercises based on this lab is available here.

The new light lab includes five acting/focus areas on the stage. Each one is controlled independently by the virtual console.
This video demonstration covers much of the same content as this article.
The channels on the console are arranged in washes. Individual channels are placed like they would be on a magic sheet.
  • The exploration of this lab promotes literacy in the creation of lighting cues and in applying light to a stage.
  • There are a total of forty-seven different channels controlling lights that are focused on this virtual stage.
  • Each channel has complete RGB mixing control, with any color, saturation, or brightness.
  • Click on a channel, or click on the group label of a channel. Then click “edit channels.”
  • Build cues, then click the “record” button. This opens a simple interface for setting timings and notes, reviewing cues, and delivery.
The stage includes five different environments, including an open stage, a ruined Greek temple, abstract 3D forms, an interior, or an clear stage with extra actors on it.
In addition to RGB mixing, the lab allows the use of color filters.
Each color filter is accompanied by a photometric data sheet for examination.
Each area light has gobos options in addiiton RGB, color filters, and dimming.
The controls are all labelled with text as well as simple, easy to understand icons.
The cyclorama can be lit differently at the top and bottom.
Record cues. Run them. Set the crossfade times.
Deliver them through email with an HTML based player.
The recording palette lets you change timings or notes. It lets you insert or delete cues.
When running cues, the controls are bottom-center. They include back, skip forward, and “Go.” This is the same player that is included with cues when they are delivered.
Cue delivery allows for two email recipients. Simple notes and titles can be included.

Launch Cue Builder