Revisions: March 3, 2023

The table has been replaced with three writing desks and stools. The piano is now on an elevated platform upstage-right. The revolve is gone, though the brass circle it created remains in the floor-treatment.

View from House Left
View from Tech Box House Right

Front of House View – Center

Design Drawings

Original Design:

Preliminary Design Process

We are looking for a space inspired by planetariums. The experience of the show should include surprising and striking shifts and moods. Settings include period parlors, an ocean liner, and rooms where photographic plates from a telescope are analyzed. None of these need to be nor likely should be naturalistic. As a set designer, I would like the space to promote the same sort of movement by the actors that would be present in any of those spaces. A piano has a shape and size and quality to it that affects the motion of the people around it. There is a beauty and significance to this specific period for science. Though we wish to push the themes of this piece outward, I would like to maintain a visual foundation or at least an echo of where the written work is anchored.

Some historical and contemporary places that might inform our choices

Some choices that have been made by other companies:
Some work we have done that might inform choices for our production

Preliminary Lighting Design

New: Light Plot PDF or AutoCAD Format