This media for The Sound of Music is delivered in PowerPoint format.
It is composed only of still images, with soft fades from cue-to-cue.
In this demonstration, the upper images are from the presentation intended for two projectors.

The lower images are from the presentation designed for a single projector.
Both formats are delivered in the package.

The Nonnberg abbey is established using stained glass windows. These work for all rooms within the abbey. Changes in lighting support emphases within the musical numbers, as well as blueouts between scenes.
The media for two projectors has been carefully built to allow the two projector fields to meet seamlessly.

In every image, an element is included that will conceal the place on the screen where the two halves come together.

Maria’s bedroom can have a physical window with curtains to the right or left. The two-projector media can be run using one or two computers.
Within this media in use, the set can be minimal. The Von Trapp living room can be played on an open stage. A simple staircase could roll on from stage-right if desired by the company.

The mountain view is used as the view from the villa and the terrace.

sound of music 01
The Sound of Music


The Sound of Music

sound of music 02
sound of music 03