Rental media is available quickly after payment is complete. This allows you to make choices in your staging and other scenery in response to what the media can do. Please provide the dates of the production and the name of the presenting institution. The standard agreement assumes the show will be presented with audience for no more than three weeks in one venue. You may rehearse with media for longer if you like. For most media, you are welcome to edit or rearrange things to suit your needs. There are often elements that can be added or rearranged by your choice. Instructions and cuing guides are included.

This is a special media package for a show that typically wants a special caliber of digital effects. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is the story of fifteen-year old Christopher Boone. Christopher is a gifted individual to whom information is the most important thing. He has neurological qualities that challenge him.

This media is intended to be used with four projectors and either three or four computers. This media requires extra care in lighting design. Low sidelight and followspots are the rule rather than broad washes. Originally designed on Dataton Watchout, the media has been updated for Microsoft PowerPoint. It is friendly and accessible to a broad range of institutions & artists. The media surrounds the audience and the actors. It provides an immersive theatre experience.

It is designed in response to the book by Mark Haddon. The graphics imitate the drawing style of Christopher’s character in the novel. High-contrast graphics in this style grant clear visibility when considering ambient light or perhaps more affordable projectors.

The simplest operation would use three or four projectors. These are for the main screen and the floor. The side walls can be one computer signalling two projectors. The content is labelled clearly for cuing. It is easy to shift, resize, or rearrange elements. As with all media rentals, the materials are available as early as you wish. You can have plenty of time to work with the media in rehearsal. The media uses the surfaces individually or as one continuous surface.

This media was originally created for a production at Plymouth State University in the fall of 2021. We used Dataton Watchout to run five projectors. The system included a camera pointed down at the stage as well as a revolve. The scenery included white cubes and stools. The floor and the revolve were white. We projected on the background, on the floor, and on the side walls of the theatre.

You can see the original design here.

I am not allowed to paint the floor in my space! How can I project on it if it’s not pale?

  1. A marley dance floor might serve you well for this, or
  2. There is an article on how to make a floor temporarily paintable here: when-youre-not-allowed-to-paint-the-floor

The images below are digital renderings demonstrating the media. They were not photographed in an actual theatre.

A six-page cue list is included.

This media has been arranged to work well without the camera effect. There are three PowerPoint files included. The most important one is named ONSTAGE. This one will fill the cyclorama or backwall of your space and will do the primary storytelling. The second PowerPoint file is named FLOOR. This one includes media for some scenes, though not all of them. You can project this onto the floor of your stage. The third PowerPoint file is labelled SIDEWALLS. This one is intended to be projected onto the walls of your theatre left and right, or onto screens or flats that you erect on the sides of your stage. If you send the same video signal to two projectors, you can run the side-wall projections using a single computer. You can also run the show with four computers, each connected to a single projector. There is no right or wrong way to arrange this media nor is there a right or wrong way to operate it.

The media is also provided in folders. This includes transparent PNG files, JPG, and MP4 video files. There are variations, and everything can be rearranged, replaced, and shuffled. If you prefer QLab, Watchout, other playback systems, you have everything you need to assemble the show.

Current Rental Price: $600.00 Request Invoice for Media