New Materials: 3/6/15

Parchment-Treated Media



Bundled Files:

.MOV Image

 À la carte Files:

1.Pg. 3 – Tents and campfires

.MOV Image

2. Pg. 6 – [Circus] End of circus: a large ‘snake’ appears: ‘the swollen, red animal’.

.MOV Image  circus-tent.jpg

3. Pg. 7—this red animal “vomits bullets.”

.MOV Image

4. Pg. 8 – A fierce red wafer appears as the sun

.MOV Image

5. Pg. 9 – Shells explode in the grass like strange war flowers bursting into fierce bloom. After a short segment of explosions, they form a skeletal ‘red animal’ with cruel teeth that grin.

.MOV Image
 Explosions over  dragon-flying.jpg (NC)
 Red-Dragon  dragon-flying-red.jpg

6. Pg. 11 – Dark and intricate foliage. A jovial squirrel appears. Youth throws a pinecone at the squirrel. Squirrel runs off.

.MOV Image  squirrel-in-woods.jpg  squirrel-forest.jpg (squirrel offstage)

7. Pg. 15 – Field of waving grass, which quickens during Jim’s death.

.MOV Image

8. Pg. 18 – ‘Red animal’ appears. Repeat of p.7—vomiting bullets.

Use one of the variations from p.7, above.


9. Pg. 25 – Black rage. A swirl of confusion, perhaps red and blue (battle) lines that get darker and more nightmarish.

.MOV Image

10. Pg. 27 – Limbs rain down and stack like cord wood (death).

.MOV Image


Useful Things:

.MOV Image
 black circle only.png
 full screen with center.png
 Gun Barrel.jpg
 Gun Barrel-black center.jpg

Other Media:

.MOV Image  grass-1_row-still.jpg   grass-still.jpg
 Fog-Trees-002.mp4 grass-negative.jpg  war1.jpg  war2.jpg  war3.jpg  trees01.jpg  trees02.jpg

All of the files, unsorted, as listed on the server: