This is a simple text-editor, but it is SUPER helpful when editing code. It offers gentle, friendly formatting support that really helps keep things working well.

Javascript Demonstrations

This page is a basic HTML page with a very simple javascript function built into it:

This page includes a simple mouse-tracking script:

This page includes an image that follows the mouse-cursor around:

This page has a second image that appears or disappears when the mouse-button is clicked:

These scripts are dependent on external files such as images and javascript libraries. You can download everything needed for these at once in the zip folder below. It is important that the files and folders be located on your own computer with the same structure relative to each other.

Thu April 2 Additions

Start with this program:
It makes a circle that sluggishly follows the mouse-cursor around. I use something like this when I want the movement to look smoother. I hide the mouse and use whatever graphic I have chosen instead.

Next, try this program:
This does the same thing, but it introduces the concept of an array. Instead of one circle following the mouse-cursor, there are now sixteen, and they are sort of playing follow-the-leader.

Finally, look at this program:
This is the same as the string of sixteen circles playing follow-the-leader, but it has 100 circles instead, and I increased the speed a little.

Media Library

Do not share this link. You can access some ready-made content on this Google-drive:

Programming Library


QB64 is the version of BASIC we are experimenting with. You can install it on MAC or Windows. When you run a program that you have written, it generates a complete standalone EXE program file.
You can get it here:

These are template programs I have written that you can download and modify:

This first program contains many useful code parts. I have heavily documented it to explain what I have written. The second program is the exact same thing, but without all of my comments.

This is a version of the program we used for Brilliant Being in Prague. It requires two files: the program itself, plus a small text file that allows casual adjustment of the screen size and some other factors.