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VQPageAct/ScWhat happensCue for GoInformationFile ChoicesThumbnail
v1p1SetupScreen outlinesDuring setup  
Ensure that horizontal elements line up across all screens and projectors.
v2p1PreshowStatic buildingsBefore House OpensThe buildings should line up with the individual screen panels.
v3p1Act 1/
Sc 1
Buildings pan gentlyAs Narrator speaks, top of show.The row of buildings pans off SR as six new building faces pan into view.000 Preshow into London Street.mp4
v4p2Scene 2Scrooge’s officeTop of Scene 2, top of page 2.Buildings pan off  SL to the exterior of Scrooge’s office.001 London Street to Outside of Scrooges Firm.mp4
v5p3Scene 3Interior of Scrooge’s officeTop of Scene 3, top of page 3002 Outside of Scrooges Firm to Inside.mp4
v6p12Scene 4Scrooge’s streetTop of Scene 4, top of page 12.  With lights.This sets up V7 (next).   First we crossfade to the night-time blue buildings.  Then we will pan down the street as we arrive at Scrooge’s door.003 Firm Interior to Street.mp4
v6Ap12Pan to Scrooge’s DoorAs song ends and Scrooge re-enters.This 2nd part of the cue should go as we arrive at Scrooge’s door.   Use discretion on when it goes based on the storytelling. Adjust as needed.  004 Street to Scrooges Door – Exterior.mp4
v7p12Marley’s eyes aflame with green smokeDepending on staging, this will likely happen when Scrooge first encounters the door.The video is 84 seconds long.  It restores on its own.005 Marley Eyes 2021 Higher More Flames.mp4
005 Scary Marley Eyes 2021.mp4
v8p13Crossfade to Scrooge’s bedroom.With music as set pieces for the bedroom come onstage.006 Exterior into Scrooges Home – Interior.mp4
V8A17Flames and green smoke as Marley prepares to exit.Marley: “…when the bell tolls one.”006A Marley Hell 48 Seconds.mp4
v9p18Scene 5Animation of star coming down to the window.As music plays and Scrooge sleeps.These two clips are called independently.  Past may need a moment to open the screens and enter.007 Past Entering 2021.mp4
v9Ap18Restore bedroom after Past enters through the window.When Past is onstage and the screens are closed.008 Restore Scrooges Room After Past Enters.mp4
v10p21Scene 6Bedroom crossfades with falling snow into a country road.Top of scene and page.This is a 96 second cue that does well at covering necessary set changes.009 Scrooges Room into Snowy Country Road.mp4
v11p23Crossfade with snow effects into schoolroomMiddle of page near end of scene 6: Another gesture from Past, and they travel to another part of the stage as the lights change.This cue should auto-follow into a second video that will then loop.   The second video is continuously looping snow falling outside the windows. There are faster and slower version of this transition included.10 Snowy Road into Classroom Snow FX 16 Seconds.mp4

011 LOOP – School with Window Snow.mp4
v12p26Scene 8Crossfade with snow effects into Christmas party at warehouseWith transition into Scene 8:  “Let us move ahead ten years or so, shall we?”There are faster and slower version of this transition included.12 Schoolhouse into Fezziwigs Party with Snow FX 16 Seconds.mp4
v13p35Scene 10Crossfade with snow effects into Wilkins House“Now pay attention, your journey is not yet complete.”
Top of page 35 and scene10.
There are faster and slower version of this transition included.013 Fezziwigs Party into Wilkins House Snow FX 16Seconds.mp4
v14p36Crossfade with snow effects back to Scrooge’s bedroom.She gestures, and PAST, BELLE and WILKINS vanish as Scrooge’s bedroom reappears around him. There are faster and slower version of this transition included.014 Wilkins House back to Scrooge Home Snow FX 16 Seconds.mp4
v15p37End of
Act I
Crossfade to still image of bedroom dim blue.IntermissionCrossfade to still image015 Intermission.jpg
v16p38Top of Act IITrue version of Scrooge’s bedroomTop of Act IICrossfade to still image016 Top of Act II.jpg
v17p39Comet crashes into the fireplace and explodesTop of page 39.
He scrambles to the window, as a comet streaks across the night 
017 Present Entering 2021.mp4
v18p41Scene 2Crossfade to night-time streets with snow effectsTop of Scene 2 and page 41 as PRESENT bangs his staff018 into Street Night – with Christmas Present Snow FX.mp4
v18Ap41A moment of magicPresent uses his staff:  With a mighty wave of Present’s staff, the men immediately laugh and embrace in forgiveness.This cue is made for a sharp thump or bang on something using the staff.   A snowy whiteout occurs, and fades quickly into snowflake patterns that quickly fade.18A Christmas Present Magic.mp4
v19p41Crossfade with snow effects to Cratchit homePRESENT gestures again with his staff, bottom of page 019 into Freds Home with Christmas Present Snow FX 16 Seconds.mp4
v20p47Scene 3Snow falling with slow pan of Dickens London at nightTop of scene, as I HEARD THE BELLS is sungThis does not properly loop, but it is eight minutes long.  Crossfade out of it at any point.020 Cratchit into Snow Walk in London.mp4
v21p48Snow effects crossfade into Fred’s houseTop of page 48 as Scrooge and Present reach Fred’s houseThis begins with a snowy white-out so it can be cued from any point within the previous video.021 Snow FX into Freds House.mp4
v22p55Scene 4Slow soft fade to a cold, dark winter street“Come, Scrooge, I need to show you one last thing before I leave you forever. “021 Freds to Ignorance and Want.mp4
v23p56Scene 5Explosive crossfade from street into fogThere is an explosion and the Spirit of Christmas PRESENT, laughing mockinglyThis is a two-part cue.   The first video clip includes audio.  Present explodes as the street transitions into darkness.  Then the cemetery fog fades up.022 Present Exits with Explosion and audio.mp4
v23AThis clip loops and fades up from black immediately after the preceding cue.  (Originally this was a silent crossfade from the street)LOOP Cemetery Fog.mp4
v24p57Cold street as two rich men talkHuge thunderclap, as the Spirit points SCROOGE toward another part of the stage. Still image.  Use a slow crossfade.023 Street.jpg
v25p58We discover Old Joe in a sewer pipeThunder and lightning as the SPIRIT points to another part of the stageStill image.  Use a slow crossfade.025 Sewer.jpg
v26p60Moving fog and cemetery.SPIRIT gestures to a body lying on a slabSame as v23.   In 2014, this media included the body on the slab by necessity.LOOP Cemetery Fog.mp4
v27p60Cratchit homeAnother gesture from FUTURE, more thunder and lightning.  Lights come up on a corner of the Cratchit homeThis is different from the earlier Cratchit image.  The edges are dark and it is not intended to require the fireplace or other set pieces.027 Cratchits Future.jpg
v28p62Crossfade to fog and cemeterySpirit, something tells me that our time together is nearly gone. Same as v23LOOP Cemetery Fog.mp4
v29p63End of Scene 6Return to bedroomAn enormous clap of thunder and lightning, and the Spirit and gravestone are replaced by Scrooge’s bedroom. 029 Return to Christmas Morning.mp4
v30p64Scene 7Crossfade to London streets exteriorHe exits his room into the London streets030 Scrooges Door Exterior Morning.mp4
v31p68Scene 9Outside of Scrooge’s firmAnd Scrooge was early at his office the next morning.031 Pan to Scrooges Office Door.mp4
v32p69Pan back to streets as narrator speaksNarrator: Scrooge was better than his word. 032 Pan Back for Finale and Curtain Call.mp4