All browser-based. No installation, ready to use.

  • Color Lab

    The Color Lab is an online virtual space to experiment with colored light on the human body and on a white floor.   Three instruments intersect from three directions with complete control of brightness and color.  This is a an excellent tool for classroom demonstration or simple demonstration of lighting hues and mixing.  Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, & Edge.

  • Light Lab for Dance

    Create lighting for dance on a digital proscenium stage.  Top light, side light, gobos, footlights, and more.  Complete control of color and brightness.    Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, & Edge.

  • Gobo Lab

    The Gobo Lab is a browser-based virtual light lab. It lets you experiment with gobos and textures and lighting direction. There are nine different lighting positions available. Each can hold one of ten different gobo templates. Each can be set at a different brightness. Two actors stand on a small stage surrounded by simple scenery. This is an excellent tool for demonstrating the principles of direction and texture for light either for an individual, or in a classroom.  Test on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.   Sorry, it will not run on Internet Edge/Explorer. read more

  • The Drama Machine

    Prepare yourself  for THE DRAMA MACHINE.  This is an interactive application that randomly combines the variables that we deal with in production: Script, Director’s Concept, Venue, Budget, and Time. It churns out the circumstances for a hypothetical production with gaudy special effects and noises. Have students come up to the machine, one at a time, and generate a new set of circumstances.    This turns your class into a game show for the day, and inspires extraordinary discussion about how designing is always problem solving.In my classroom, we use this on a Smart Board.  Students come up to the machine in turns and create a new set of circumstances.   Embarrassing goggles or eye-ware are especially helpful for anyone operating the machine.    This machine makes some great noises, so TURN UP YOUR SOUND!   ;)If you do not have a smart board, you can still use this. It could be used with a projector or other type of screen.  I would suggest coming up with some way to make a big deal out of pushing the next button each time.   Maybe a drum-roll. Students can operate this on their own, either in class, or as an assignment. Students can operate this on their ...