In making acceptable use of resources, individuals covered by this policy must not:

  • Use the resources to create or transmit content that is intentionally offensive, damaging, or threatening to the recipient.
  • Gain access to or use another person’s files or data without permission.
  • Attempt to circumvent or subvert system or network security measures.
  • Engage in any activity that is intended to harm systems or any information stored thereon, including creating or propagating malware, such as viruses, worms, or “Trojan horse” programs; disrupting services; damaging files.
  • Attempt to download, recreate, or reverse-engineer the source code.
  • Attempt to overwhelm, exploit, or damage the website or its contents.
  • Use the resources to store or transmit confidential data of any kind.

In making acceptable use of resources, individual subscribers must:

  • Protect their User IDs, passwords, and emails from unauthorized use. 
  • Access only resources to which they have been given subscriptions to access or that is publicly available.