america rendering

The timeline has been broken up to allow entrances through it.  Below you can see that I have maintained some of the curves from the original concept.   This is a little more interesting to look at, makes this a little slicker, and should not be difficult to do.

america iso view 

The Americana flags and stars can be a variety of materials.  The star will probably be painted on Blue Foam and will be a little dimensional.  The vertical flag banners might be on muslin.  The rest will probably be luan.

The map on the floor is a 12′ x 20′ rectangle of luan, painted with that map and a flat-black background.   This will allow quick changeover between this show and Musical of Musicals.


sr_timeline cs_timeline sl_timeline
SR Timeline
SR Timeline
SR Timeline



plate1 gp plate2_section plate3_timeline plate4_flags plate5_star plate6_map