soldiersOperafestival di Roma is a non-profit educational institution that offers opportunities to musicians from all nations to study and perform opera in Italy in the summer. Performances are given in the beautiful 15th Century courtyard of S. Ivo alla Sapienza in central Rome, and are accompanied by the Orchestra Sinfonica dell’International Chamber Ensemble.

This opera used minimalistic scenery. The architectural facade and spire of S.Ivo provided the setting. One of the functions of the lighting design was to create a variety of environments which evoked the various settings within the opera. These include groves of trees, palaces, temples, and caves. I uplit the architecture in various colors and styles to suggest interiors and buildings. I used a variety of tree gobos for the wilderness and grove settings. The caves of water and fire were produced with a combination of textured gobos and animated ripple effects playing on the S.Ivo facade. The video captures the animation rather poorly, alas.





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