This set was designed for pacing.    A Victorian London skyline stands across the cyclorama in silhouette.  In front of it is a constantly shifting collage of buildings that revolve, track, and shift to varying degrees of transparency.   Most of the buildings on the set were covered with black scrim painted with a worn brick texture, allowing them to instantly reveal or conceal any performer, or allow ghostly transitions, tableaus, and expressive movement.    The stage-left building, which included the pie shop and the barbershop above, revolved, sometimes even as performers climbed the stairs around the outside of it.  A raised level all across the back allowed broad composition behind the scrims, as well as allowing discrete entrances below.   Right-center, another revolve shifted a ramp and a lamppost, as well as bringing on other large items.   Stage right is the house of the judge and Joanna, which jack-knifed to allow the interior or the balcony to be played.



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