She Loves Me  is a multi-set musical in a very classic style.  For this production, we employed a black-and-white paint scheme with painted drops.    There were two units that could roll on and off stage, or hinge open and closed to create the interior or exterior of the perfume parlor, which was the primary setting.   Other settings included the workroom of the parlor, a cafe, a hospital, and an apartment.

In addition to the drops, there were two jackknife wagons.  The sequencing of settings in this show made this a very effective way to move furniture on and off stage.   Each time a drop was changed, we also simply swapped wagons, and were able to -preset the next scene during the action.


28b 28c 28d CAFE   She_Loves_Me_AMALIA  She_Loves_Me_HOSPITAL1 She_Loves_Me_SHOP-IN She_Loves_Me_STREET She_Loves_Me_WORKROOM