AutoCAD File: MammaMia.dwg

View from the catwalks. This image shows a revolve surrounded by raised platforms. Many piece of scenery, furniture, and flown elements move in and out of the composition from scene-to-scene.

Act & Scene Breakdown:

The Greek island of Kalokairi.
A twenty-four hour period, during the summer of 1999 or present day.
PageAct I
4ProloguePost Office
5Scene 1Beach Bank
10Scene 2Other Beach Bank
16Scene 3Boat Dock
25Scene 4Tanya and Rosie’s Room
32Scene 5The Beach
35Scene 6The Bar
38Scene 7The Bar
44Scene 8The Night Club
Act II
50Scene 1Outside of Sheridan Hut
56Scene 2The Bar
61Scene 3The Beach
65Scene 4Donna’s Room
68Scene 5Donna’s Room
71Scene 6The Beach
74Scene 7The Chapel
78Scene 8The Chapel
82Epilogue(SKY and SOPHIE enter dressed ready to leave for the mainland)
This boat is a two-layer platform. The DS facing is composed of strips of luan curved to imitate a boat hull. 1″ PVC posts and clothesline make the rail. A carpet tube over a lighting boom makes a mast. We will pile coils of rope onto this to dress it, and maybe piles of canvas.
This is what we are imitating.