Who are the characters?

What is their relationship between each other?

What generations do each of the characters belong to?

What motivates each character?

How intelligent is each character?

How educated is each character?

How was Dorothea’s life affected by the death of her husband?

Why did Artie leave Echo with Dorothea?

Why is Echo obsessing over a spelling bee?

What is the role of men in this show?


How linear is the action in this show?

How common are flashbacks?

What is Dorothea’s physical state in different parts of the show?

Is there any part of the show that has extended use of normal, real-time action?

Do actors speak directly to the audience? If so, how does this affect the story-telling and the main action?


How can you use lighting to assist the actors in what they are doing?

Could we use light to consistently define the type of narration being used from moment to moment?

Speculate on how we might do this.

Set Design

The set includes a painted floor with two rehearsal cubes and a center platform which is +18″ (the same as the cubes). The floor paint is not a boundary for the action, though most of the action will happen on the floor paint area.