11×17 Plates in PDF Format:

AutoCAD and other Materials: ZIP Folder

I’ve kept the rounded quality to the platforms, but I have spread them out laterally. The UC entrance is still very strong, which I think is important for some scenes in Twice-Charmed. however, there is more variety now in playing spaces. We can use only part of the stage for many scenes if we wish, using the lighting and projections to define what parts of the stage are interior and exterior in any given moment.
These screens have things that stick out left and right in the right places to allow actors to pass under them easily. I have made these more narrow than the last iteration. The new platform arrangment required it. This spreads them out onstage a bit. They still catch projections very nicely without casting too many shadows on each other. The shapes themselves make any shadows attractive even when that happens.

Note that I am adding two screens, one far-left and one far-right. These could become black or dark gray if we do not want extra projection surfaces. If we can swing extra projectors, this might be a nice place to flesh out the visuals.
Another simple treatment for the additional side panels could be to paint them like gears and clock faces. They could match the preshow look I imagine we will project on the screens that completes them as a set of clocks.
Reckless 9
This is a moment from production of Reckless, by Craig Lucas. We flew in a dashboard with headlights. The scene like this in Freaky Friday is daytime, but we could do a similar gimmick to create the car . The screens in the background can be used to create the motion of passing streetlights, trees, etc.
I included this floor tile pattern. This would respond well to any lighting choice. It can also support both the Freaky Friday kitchen as well as most floors in Twice Charmed.