I was concerned that raising the height of the desk while imitating the counters would create a big blank area center stage that would fail to contribute anything. It also looks too much like a 70s game show. In this era, the desk would still be wood and would need to establish a little stature and dignity if it were more than functional.
Towards this end, I have added (painted) wainscoting to the face and given it nine-inch legs. This helps it not be such a big blank rectangle in the composition, and lets it create a little pocket of tradition and gravity. I was also a little worried that raising this another six inches would be a bit much on the already higher platform. It looks okay in the first rendering above to me.
This was part of my process in rendering this. With no legs and no detail the desk feels very high and forced and at best is reminiscient of news desks from much later decades.