The Improv Machine will be open for anyone to use through mid-August of 2020.

Full Transcript:

This is the Improv Machine.
The Improv Machine generates improvisational acting conditions.
It is designed to support online acting sessions and classroom activities equally.
Begin by entering names for the participants.
Just type them in, one per line, or with commas, or semicolons, or copy-paste.
The machine will cycle through them in randomly chosen pairs without repeating names.
Just click “Pick Two Actors.”
The machine will create a secret rotation of names and display the first two.
At any time, you can tell it to display the next two actors.
You can also “rotate” the actors, keeping one in play, and bringing in one new one.
The machine generates all kinds of scene parameters, too.
Set up these parameters before or after actors are chosen.
Random scenarios launch creativity.
A special category exists for online scenarios.
Randomly chosen locations.
Hypothetical props can inspire an entire scene.
Genres inform the style and intention of a scene.
The scene timer is an hourglass.
Visual timing is more casual.
Set it for any time up to twenty minutes.
The lower buttons have one for each actor.
Actor & Character traits, emotions, and accents can be applied to either actor.
100 different opening lines are available.
You can remove actor-specfic information at any time.
Invent your own rules. Be careful not to overwhelm your actors with information!
At normal speed, the machine is well-timed to create anticipation and suspense.
Sound effects and animations create an energetic environment almost like a game show.
In the bottom-right corner, look for a scroll that explains The Rules of Improv.
You’ll also find helpful tips on how to use this resource with your group.
In a Zoom environment, with a shared screen, the actors will all appear in a strip.
Each participant can adjust how this strip appears.
They can be scaled up.
The host can hide participants.
With just a little practice, everyone can experience this improv in an easy and effective manner.