We can capture Jay with a green background both in Zoom and using the green screen in Hanaway (next week). There is no reason we cannot leave the green screen in place for a bit.

Option 1

We will NOT use Zoom to change any backgrounds – just to capture Jay’s face. I can drop backgrounds in better using video editors. In this way, Jay can be delivering lines from other parts of the ship. We can go full-screen like this image momentarily so that we see Jay clearly.

Option 2A

If we allow some closeups, we can also cut to Jay momentarily as if everyone is present on the bridge at once.

Option 2B

If we establish Jay’s normal work station, we might get away with always using a closeup of Jay, and only needing the bigger green screen for Episode 5 when Victory Trio engages in combat.

Option 3

For scenes off the bridge, people can communicate with Victory using a handheld device. We need only a gray block of wood as the hand prop. We can produce the higher-end prop for the closeup digitally or next week.

Option 4

This is taken from a poor quality screen shot, so please know it can look cleaner. We can place Jay in front of the larger green screen and capture some staging next week.
We can then place Jay on the bridge or other places.