Music for this video licensed through YouTube and ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Rental media is available quickly after payment is complete. This allows you to make choices in your staging and other scenery in response to what the media can do. Please provide the dates of the production and the name of the presenting institution. The standard agreement assumes the show will be presented with audience for no more than three weeks in one venue. You may rehearse with media for longer if you like. For most media, you are welcome to edit or rearrange things to suit your needs. There are often elements that can be added or rearranged by your choice. Instructions and cuing guides are included.

Anastasia wants to be grandiose and opulent. The settings change quickly and include palaces, ballrooms, fields, streets, theatres, and more. Dance is important in this show, and the music invites the set changes to be fluid and beautiful.

This media assumes that you have the essential furniture for the show: some chairs, a desk, a bed. Maybe a bench and a few other things. Beyond that, it works well on its own, or along with some set pieces. Arches or flown drapes can integrate well with this media. The elements in the media often move in and out of the composition like physical scenery, which maintains the sense of grandeur and theatricality so important to this production. The media includes the elevator ride up the Eiffel Tower and the train ride.

CuePageAct.ScCue for GoSetting/Description
V00 PreshowBefore house opensShow Logo
V011PrologueTop of show1906. Small bedroom in the royal palace. Flash time and date as digital drop flies out: St. Petersburg 1906
V023 MUSIC NO 03: THE LAST DANCE OF THE ROMANOVSA brilliantly lit ballroom in the imperial palace. Ten years later. Flash 1917 across the composition.
V035 With sound of explosions.Red smoke outside. Flickering. This loops.
V04   Walls and chandeliers fly out. Crossfade reveals Red Army.
V056 With explosion as Anna retrieves music box.Blackout, then into snow.
V067I.1Top of scene1927 Text into Leningrad Palace Square
V0711 A truck drives by (and backfires)
V0812 Transition to the black market.
V0915I.2Top of sceneThe Private Theatre of an Abandoned Palace
V1021I.3Top of sceneDrab Government Office
V1123I.4Top of sceneYuspov Palace. Various rooms.
V1226 YOU CAN LEARN TO DO IT TOO! (There is a passage of time)Change season outside to winter abruptly. Briefly snow. Snowy trees outside.
V1330I.5Top of sceneDrab Government Office
V1433I.6Top of sceneA Park on the Banks of the Neva at Night
V1535 “Come, Anya.”Reveal a romantic version of St. Petersburg
V1638 With Russian ChorusA ballroom manifests. Ghostly Dancers overlaid.
V1838 “Across my memory”Resume dance slowly
V2042I.8Top of sceneA Train Station in St. Petersburg
V2145I.9Leaving the stationA Train Compartment
V2246 Train turns to SL SidewaysDelete or shuffle these cues as needed for a given production.
V2346 Train turns US Moving Away from Audience
V2446 Train turns DS towards Audience
V2546 Train turns to SL Sideways
V2646 Train turns US Moving Away from Audience
V2746 Train turns DS towards Audience
V2850 They jump.Blackout.
V2951I.10Top of sceneGleb’s Office in St. Petersbugh
V3051 Flash of lightning reveals trio hiking
V3151 Lights up on the office againCrop and dim map
V3354I.11Top of sceneA Wide Open Country Space. France.
V3456 End of Anya’s Song “And bring me home at last!”Build to something with the Eiffel Tower
V35  IntermissionShow logo/Act Curtain
V3657II.1Top of Act IIText: Paris 1927. Animated sequence for bg Pan to Eiffel Tower
V3858 After “THERE’S HOPE IN THE AIR!” (with AH AH)Elevator ride, Fireworks, Bridge
V4161II.3Top of SceneAn Elegant Salon in a Luxurious Parisian Town House
V4265II.4Top of SceneOutside the Neva Club
V4367II.4ATop of SceneInside the Neva Club
V4471II.5Top of SceneThe Garden
V4575II.6Top of SceneAnya’s Hotel Room/ Dream
V4679II.7Top of SceneThe Ballet Lobby
V4779 As Anya entersChange color.
V4881II.8Top of SceneThe Stage and Boxes
V4984II.9Top of SceneThe Anteroom of the Dowager Empress’ Box
V5088II.10Top of SceneHotel Rooms
V5193II.11Top of SceneA Private Reception Room at a Luxurious Hotel
V53102II.13Top of sceneThe Grand Ballroom of the Luxurious Hotel
V54103II.14Top of sceneThe Alexander Bridge
V58104II.15Top of sceneThe Hotel Ballroom / A Government Office
V61105 Fade
V62105 Curtain CallThe Alexander Bridge

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