Projection media for Shrek the Musical
  • This media includes animated transitions and other effects.
  • It includes optional scenic elements which some companies rely on, and others provide themselves as physical scenery.
  • It begins with a book-sequence that runs well along with the live actors.
  • This media has been used very successfully in live performance.
  • This media is delivered in PowerPoint format.
  • Shrek’s swamp can be played with an empty stage, or it also works fine for companies who add their own outhouse or cabin.
  • Farquaad’s castle has animated flags, and a few cheesy gags that are appropriate for the show.
  • Many of the outdoor transitions include animated pans from place to place.
  • There are notes for each slide advising on cue placement and implementation with scenery.
  • Sunsets are very important in this show.
  • The media provides a cave for Fiona. It also has an optional barn and tower.
  • The lava bridge can be played on an empty stage in front of the screen.
  • The dungeon has several settings included.
  • Fiona’s tower consistently has pretty blue fog blowing around it.
  • Fiona’s tower is optional. Simple instructions tell you how to add it or leave it out.
  • Shrek can chop the chain for the portcullis and drop it using just this media. Instructions are included in the slide.
  • There are two variations of the full moon for Fiona’s first ogre appearance, depending on your projector installation.
  • The stained glass window shattering is included.
  • This barn can be included or removed, depending on whether or not you want to build the set prop.
  • These projections do an excellent job of declaring time-of-day, in strong support of the the actors and the story being told.
  • A simple electronic invoice is sent, and a link to the download is provided soon after.
  • Prices vary depending on the run.   For most schools and theatres the price is $600.00 U.S.

Contact Matt Kizer for arrangements.

When the production was originally produced, the book was a separate screen that floated. This media has been moved to the main screen in this media.

This media was originally created to work with a set design by Szu-Feng Chen.