Puppets Red III was a continuation of a series of projects produced by Alban Elved Dance Company under Karola Lüttringhaus. T-Werk (T-Factory) is a performing arts center in Potsdam, Germany. It located alongside museums, restaurants, and other cultural attractions at Schiffbauergasse, an historic lake front with Prussian palaces and gardens.

STADT FÜR EINE NACHT (City for a Night) is a huge annual outdoor festival and fair, featuring theatre, dance, art, literature, music, and film. It includes a small number of invited performances to present on intervals throughout the festival. Puppets Red III was one of these.

The performances took place outside, in a space that somtimes serves as a parking lot, but also serves as a public gathering place for festivals such as this. The cobblestone lot had a large shipping container in the middle of it which we used both as a projection surface, and as a lighting position.

We contrasted the urban quality of the square with tree breakups, as well as a long projection sequence where trees and other elements were painted with light, in real-time, in conjunction with dance.

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