At the Maryland Theatre. December 13, 2017 · Hagerstown, MD · Photos courtesy of Samantha Bagdon
At the Maryland Theatre. December 13, 2017 · Hagerstown, MD · Photos courtesy of (stolen from) Samantha Bagdon

In the first two tours of this production, the screens included horizontal wooden toggles at regular intervals. In 2016, the screens were rebuilt with only vertical stiles.


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tour map cropped

street night v2
street nightpast entering



This method of projection was used in a production of Sylvia that I did in April of 2012 for Auburn University in Alabama.
It used a contemporary NYC Skyline, and a different graphic style of course.   You can see how it worked here: https://scenicandlighting.com/sylvia/



Christmas Carol Projector Mirrors

Corner fireplace wagon for Cratchit house:


Rolling wall & door unit for Fred’s House:

groundplan 01
marley door



Wall treatment for Cratchit house: cratchit walls

Wall treatment for Fred’s house:
freds walls


Images contributing to or inspiring the design: department-56-dickens-village-the-partridge-pear-lighted-building-4025253 dicken2

Christmas-Carol-Milwaukee-Rep-Aaron-Posner1 3123852663_92206b894a_z artlimited_img292674 Christmas-Carol-Carrey-web4 concept 022 dining room table display


This is a favorite old animated version of A Christmas Carol.  While I do not intend to imitate it explicitly, there are some very striking choices in it when dealing with the spirits and travelling through time and space with them that will probably influcence choices in the projection media.