A Man of No Importance

Plymouth State University
April 7-10, 2016
Written by Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens, and Terrence McNally
Directed by Fran Page
Lighting design by Cindy Wade
Costume design by Danee Grillo
Technical Director: Stuart Crowell

Scenic Design by Matt Kizer

AMONI_2016-4915 AMONI_2016-5000AMON0012
AMONI_2016-5040 AMONI_2016-4754 AMONI_2016-4855 AMONI_2016-5112  AMONI_2016-4729  AMONI_2016-5081

plate 1 groundplan


AMON0009 AMON0008 AMON0007 AMON0005 AMON0002

Wrong number of panels, but a good look.
Floor treatment
Bingo Wheel
This wheel was in the preset as a Bingo wheel. See Plate 5.
Typical wall treatment.
Typical wall treatment.