A Life-Changing Experience

One World Stage is an international initiative. It is facilitated by The International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, commonly known as OISTAT. Academic institutions may use this opportunity to overcome cultural and politically boundaries using theatre production.

Colleges, universities, and schools that produce theatre may register with OISTAT and express their interest. Each institution will provide information on what sort of show they might be interested in producing. This will include scale, venue information, and approximate calendar ranges. The information will also include cultural preferences for

As enough institutions become registered with OISTAT, they will be matched with sibling institutions. This will be one r two schools, colleges, or universities in other parts of the world. This is when the experience begins.

Multiple Shows with Similar Needs

The schools might choose to do plays that create a sequence. Greek tragedies and Shakespearean history plays sometimes tell one story when performed in order. The schools might choose to do door-farces, or operas, or dramas. The only things that matter are that each show is different, that each school is producing a show that they care about, and that all of the shows can take place on the exact same set.

A Shared Design

The institutions must choose, from among them, one designer for scenery and one designer for lights. This could be the same individual. Each institution must faithfully build the same scenery from the same plans. Each institution must provide a basic light plot with the same areas, colors, channels and specials available.

One World Stage Application
Preferences: The design of the scenery and lighting
Two schools or three?

Subject matter:
OISTAT understands that every institution exists within its own culture and community.  Each has its own audience and its own mission.   Consider your institution, your students, and your community.  What subjects would be comfortable and appropriate for your goals on this project?

Please check all subjects that would be welcome for this specific project. Subjects chosen or not chosen do not reflect on the broader mission of your institution, nor of the views of any participants.