AutoCAD Drawings

PDF Drawings
Plate 1 Groundplan
Plate 2 Groundplan Supplement
Plate 3 CL Section to SL
Plate 4 Elevations and Details

If we seek to merge these settings into a unit set, we should allow for the following sorts of areas as per the list of settings above:

  1. A large room in the castle for Act I Scenes 1 & 9, Act II Scene 9
  2. A castle corridor for Act I Scenes 2, 4, 6, Act II Scenes 3, 5, 6, and 8.
  3. The Castle Courtyard for Act I Scenes 7 and 8.
  4. Winnifred’s room for Act I, Scene 5 and Act II Scene 7 (with mattresses added)
  5. The Wizard’s Chamber for Act II Scene 4.

Act I
Scene 1A large room in a medieval castle, late March.  1420 or so
Scene 2A castle corridor, same day
Scene 3The Castle Courtyard, mid April, three weeks later
Scene 4A castle corridor, later that day
Scene 5Winnifred’s Dressing Room, later that day
Scene 6A castle  corridor, later that day
Scene 7Tents in the courtyard, late evening, same day
Scene 8The courtyard, a few minutes later
Scene 9The Great Hall, immediately following
Act II
Scene 1The castle, same day, that night
Scene 2A room in the castle, later that night
Scene 3A castle corridor, later that night
Scene 4The Wizard’s Chamber, later that night
Scene 5A castle corridor, later that night
Scene 6The same corridor, a few minutes later
Scene 7Winnifred’s bedchamber, later that night
Scene 8A castle corridor, the next morning
Scene 9The Banquet Hall, a few minutes later