Think of this stuff as puppets. It should all be light and fun. Tweak things to make this happen as needed. I will likely be adding to this post steadily.

Page #PropQuantityNotes
1Lute12d cutout.  Needs strap.
3Microphone12D Popup from floor
3Note CardsTBD 
6Sheet of Parchment1 
6Jester’s Stick1Sceptre – Costume prop?
12Crocuses3 (?)Cutout
12WeedsTBDFloppy Paper Weeds
23Wet Dress1Costume Department
25Frog Eyes9 SetsHand-held
26Dresses9Costume Department
26Grapes 3D Grapes, pluckable
26Vase W/ Flowers12D Cutout
26Handkerchief1Costume Department (?)
26Bell1Handheld or Pre Recorded sound?   2D Cutout with a real bell stuck to the back.  
31LuggageTBDSturdy enough to be sat on
Joey going to Normandy.
A trunk? Luggage? Pull a variety of luggage and trunks for the actors to play with.  Pull more than we need so they have options.
31Bird Cage1Scenery (not props)
35“Medieval” Weight1Barbells.  I ordered punching balloons for this.    We can cover them with dutchman and connect them with a rod.
36Goblet1Pull one from props.
36Large Decanter1W/ wine in it (?) Prop room.
36F-R-E-D Cards4?
36Red Fabric1?
41SheetsTBDStacks of sheets, pillows, blankets – like four stacks
47Foot Bath1Medieval version.  Bucket with sponge?
51Cauldron1“Meth Cauldron”
52Flower Magic Trick1Materialize flowers
Ordered. Arriving Wed.
52Handkerchief1Trick Handkerchief
52Plucked Chicken1Rubber Chicken In Prop Room.
56Pea1pretty sure this is going to be mimed
56Mirror1The Disco Ball is a 7” DIA mirror ball (foam ball covered with mirror bits).   Michael will reach into a small bag, put his finger into a ring of some kind, and draw the mirror ball out.  The mirror ball will be hanging from a string tied to the ring – probably just four inches or so of string.   It will just be hanging from his finger.  Michael can give it a spin with his other hand.  This disco ball arrives Wed.
56Incense1Hangsy downsey
56Potion1Kind of like “hoosh” Dexters Lab.  Smoke capsule? Glow stick?
61Sir Harry’s Helmet1Costume?
61Kings Staff1Costume or no?
62Spiked Shield1w/ king’s insignia Costume?
62Various other spiky/thorny objectsTBDDeer antlers, mace-and-chains, saddle, spurs, boots, etc.
N/ATreat Bag1Belt Pouch of Treats. Cheese Balls.
N/ATreatsTBDSee above (Cheese Balls)