Plymouth State University
Hanaway Theatre
February 24 – 26, 2022
Directed by Jessie Chapman

For the shop: Download AutoCAD, PDF Plates, misc.

The lighting design is available here:

The design uses a blend of stagecraft techniques to create settings. The intention is to provide versatility and heightened romantic action while maintaining the quality of classical analog illusions. Projections are present in the design with a stylistic parameter of creating the illusion of more vintage methods. The orchestra is center-stage with the action taking place around it

Newel posts and extra railings exist at points on the upper deck. These create visual interest and provide a little security for actors moving around while avoiding railings along the downstage edge.
The furniture and scenery comes right down to the fire-curtain. The rugs, whether real or painted, will complete the space on the apron, allowing the action to happen as close to the audience as possible. The acoustics are not as ideal on the apron, but we will be using mics.
This setting is the March parlor in the evening with snow falling. Text is projected on the book pages left and right. Imitation oil lamps are placed or flown on the set with practical light sources. Open picture frames float right and left. We can use light to move back and forth between attic and parlor without changing the scenery.
There are points in the show were we transform to melodramatic opera. Gobos, forests, and flashes of lightning are all likely additions.
Gobos are also a likely addition for Aunt Moffat’s house, “A Glorious Atrium” (page 30).
For New York City, we can create what looks to be an illustrated muslin backdrop.
For the beach in Act II, we will roll in a scale model of the Nobska light house on Cape Cod. We will use various cyclorama techniques to craft this scene appropriately. We can go tight on lighting downstage and it is reasonable to create a sense of water either on the apron or in the house if desired.
Aunt March’s Stately House uses a combination of windows flown in and the illusion of a backdrop of Plumfield.
The walls around the orchestra are intended to reveal the horizontal slats common to walls in the period. See the five-second point in the video above. They may have have horizontal slits. Aged plaster goes over this treatment, and enlarged replicas of Louisa May Alcott ‘s handwriting.
I recorded this video footage of an attic is in an historic mansion on the campus of Kimball Jenkins School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire.
Act /SceneCharactersMusical NumbersSetting
Act 1Preset
Act 1, Sc 1Professor Jo Clarissa Braxton Rodrigo Amy Meg Beth Marmee Mr. Laurence LaurieOverture – Orchestra An Operatic Tragedy –Jo, Braxton, Clarissa, Rodrigo Better – Jo Our Finest Dreams – Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy Here Alone – MarmeeMrs. Kirk’s NYC Boarding House, 1865
Act 1, Sc 2Aunt March
#4a Transition to Aunt March Could You? – Aunt March, JoAunt March’s Stately House, January 1864

Act 1, Sc 3 PG. 24Marmee Beth Meg Jo Amy Laurie A Man’s Voice Mr. BrookI’d Be Delighted – Marmee, Meg, Jo, Beth
Waltz- full cast
Take A Chance On Me – Laurie, Jo
The March Parlor,
February 1864
Act 1, Sc 4 PG. 45Mr. Laurence Beth Laurie Jo Meg Amy#11 Off to Massasachusettes
Beth & Mr. Laurence #12 Five Forever
The March Parlor
Act 1, Sc 5-6 PG. 53Mr. Laurence Marmee Beth Meg Amy Jo Aunt March Mr. BrookeMore Than I Am – Mr. Brooke, Meg   Transition to AtticThe Sun Porch, Spring 1864
Act 1, Sc 7 PG 62Laurie Jo#15 Take A Chance Reprise #16 Astonishing-JoThe Attic, May 1865
ACT 2 
*Act 2, Sc 1 PG. 68Mrs. Kirk Professor Bhaer Jo ALL#17 Entracte
The Weekly Volcano Press – Full Cast
#18a NYC to Concord Transition
Mrs. Kirk’s Parlor, June 1865
Act 2, Sc 2 PG. 81Mr. Laurence Mr. Brooke Marmee Jo Meg Beth Professor#18b- Beth plays piano #19 Off to Massachusettes Reprise – Mr. Laurence, Beth, Laurie, Marmee, Meg, Mr. Brooke #20 How I Am- Professor BhaerMarch Parlor, Summer 1865
Act 2, Sc 3 PG. 87Beth
#21 Some Things Are Meant to Be- Beth and JoA Beach and Pavillion in Falmouth on Cape Cod, September 1865
Act 2, Sc 4
PG. 91
Amy Aunt March Meg Marmee Jo Laurie#22 The Most Amazing Thing- Amy and Laurie #22a To The Attic #23 Days of Plenty- Marmee #24 The Fire Within Me- Jo  The March Parlor, Winter 1865
Act 2, Sc 5 PG. 103Meg Mr. Brooke Amy Marmee Mr. Laurence Beth Aunt March Jo Professor#25 Small Umbrella in the Rain- Jo and Professor Bhaer   #26 The Weekly Volcano Press (Reprise) – Jo #27 Bows #28 Exit MusicOutside the March House, Spring 1866

The lighting design is available here: