• All of these pictures are clickable, if you want to make them bigger.
  • The platforms upstage have been revised a bit. They no longer move. There are elevated platforms that go all they way into the wings. We’ll put some stock escape stairs on the ends of those. There’s a four-foot gap between the platforms and the cyclorama. We have a few scenic elements that ride in there on wagons.
  • I am making colored and textured versions of these scenic elements, and some rough projection concepts as well.   For the moment, this is all just plain white scenic elements to show what is where, and when.    Here are some still shots of just everything on stage at once.   This is just to give you a loose idea of what all will be out there.
  • For Good Morning Balitmore, we have the bed unit that reverses to be the front stoop.    This is pretty plain looking with no paint and no projections.   Someone will be behind that unit wheeling it a bit.  The background images will be scrolling as we move down the street.  We do not have  to move that front stoop much, or at all, to get the desired travelling effect.
  • Below, I am showing the Broadway version of the bed.  We will do our own version of this.
  • Sometimes we use just the apartment.  Sometimes just the TV studio.  Sometimes both at once.    The projections will flesh out the Corny Collins Show.    The apartment stands alone well.  It might need some tenemenet buildings right behind it.  I am showing it, below, without its own projections.   I am adding extra projected lights around the third border that will emulate the ones mounted to the first border.
  • That unit SR is the podium/counter type unit that rolls on.     We’d like to add a flown 4’x4′ panel right behind it with a 45 playlist on it.    I neglected to put that in there as yet; it will be added on my next edit.   I have tweaked the Corny Collins sign within the shape of the original design.
  • The Hefty Hideaway is set as a part of a row of projected storefronts (a recurring projection theme in the show).   There will be functioning doors in the scenic unit up-right.   That unit trackes in on a wagon just upstage of the platforms.    There is another wagon up-left which carries one of the silhouetted Dynamites in.  That performer is framed by a projection, which is indicated here.  Projection concept and paint treatement shown below.    The woman in silhouette should plan on riding in on the wagon standing in a freeze position.  We will pan the projected buildings in similarly, which will reinforce the illusion.     FYI the Mr. Pinky’s sign and the awning shown here are in the projection.
  • The record shop includes one flown piece of scenery that includes a doorway (no door – just the opening).  There are two rolling LP racks.  Each can be stepped up onto from the back.  There is a flat strip of space on the top/middle of each that can be stood on or danced on.    If you choose to do this -let the shop know!!  These will need to be held steady by either actors on stage or the shop will need to put brakes on them.
  • Currently we’re looking at seven sets of jail bars.   These are about seven feet tall, and four feet wide.  If you space them about 10″ apart, they will will the stage well.  They can be arranged however the company wishes.
  • We’ll send Penny’s bed in on the same wagon that we used up-left for the Hefty-Hideaway scene.      There is a rigid open window mounted to the back of the wagon.   Seaweed will need to climb up the back of it.  He will be REALLY close to the cyc.  This should not be a problem for just him.  He’ll just need to sort out how to climb up there without bumping the cyc too much.