View storyboard, video of the original production, and trailers here.
This production will be performed on June 9 at DUP 39 in Prague as a part of the Prague Quadrennial.

Installation Requirements

The original production used the set shown here, with three projectors, three lighting instruments, and a set of computers connected through a local network. However, it was also presented successfully in an outdoor venue using a single projector with one laptop with only slight modifications.

All projectors and computers can be brought from the U.S. Lighting instruments could also be brought along; they are mostly used to provide deep blue ambient light. Two small LED units will suffice for this show.

The set itself could be eliminated by placing the performance in the corner of a large room, preferably with white walls and a modest ceiling height. The platforms could be eliminated or replaced with something smaller and simpler.

If we were provided with basic information on a space, it would be reasonable to plan this performance for many found spaces that might be provided.

The nature of this production is adaptation and reaction in the pursuit of a narrative. It is inherently flexible.