If you, your students, or any other group can get to Seattle next spring and would like to explore the USITT Expo Floor, please let me know! You are welcome to attend that part of the conference free of charge, and I am happy to arrange it.

The video and photos below are from the United States Institute for Theatre Technology Conference, USITT, 2023, in St. Louis. You are looking at the Expo Floor, where hundreds of people, businesses, universities, and production companies gather to speak in person with anyone who wishes to attend. With the help of some awesome temporary staff, we presented all of the virtual labs, games, articles, videos, and resources available at Scenicandlighting.com.

The people working everywhere on the Expo Floor were upbeat, friendly, and loved what they were doing. Many thanks to my temporary staff for the success of the conference. The Scenicandlighting.com booth staff included Ken Canfield, Cambria Hobbs, Katie Wolfe, Cameron Lucas, Dillon Lordern, Abigail Evans, James Kirichok, and Jacob Hepburn.

Thank you to everyone who visited the booth. I did not expect to receive so very many kind words and thanks for everything the site has done in the past three years. It was remarkable.

Next year we will be in Seattle, Washington. If you or a bunch of students you know would like to interact with hundreds of happy industry professionals, please let me know. I can arrange for any number of you to have free access to the Stage Expo, and I hope to arrange that for many of you. Had I experienced something like this in high school or early college, I would have been dumbstruck.