The Sound of Music

North Country Center for the Arts: Papermill Theatre
August, 2013
Written by Rogers and Hammerstein
Directed by Kate Arecchi
Lighting design by Dan Brunk
Technical Director: Kyle Trumble

Scenic Design and Projections by Matt Kizer


  sound of music 01 The Sound of Music

 The Sound of Music

sound of music 02sound of music 03

abbey abbey


The Abbey includes a few scenes in corridors, the office of the Mother Abbess, and some sort of space where Maria is being dressed.   The desk can come on or not at Kate’s discretion.  It is 78″ x 30″ x 30″ and is castered.    The projections will vary scene to scene.



The Mountains:
Act1 sc 2hills are alive

The mountains are for The Hills are Alive.   act 1 sc 2 hills are alive

The Von Trapp Home:

trapp hometrapp homeThe Von Trapp Home includes a stair unit leading UR and a table.  The rest will be provided by the projection.   The stairs bend as discussed, and include a decorative bannister.

trapp home


Maria’s Bedroom:


bedroomMaria’s Bedroom includes a wagon (enters from UL) and a bed (DL).  The wagon has a window unit with curtains mounted to it.






Outside the Villa:


 The setting for “Outside the Villa” includes a stock garden bench.  Kate may place it as she wishes.

Concert Hall:

The Concert Hall includes two Nazi flags that will be dropped from a rolled position at the top of the scene.  They are velcroed into place and are pulled down at the end of the scene.

concert hall


Garden of the Abbey:

This scene includes a large tombstone on a 2’x6′ wagon.

abbey garden