The set for An Enemy of the People at Plymouth State University will act like a visual playground. In addition to serving the production, it will be an important part of the special topics class Motion Tracking for Live Performance.

The creative staff is in agreement that visuals are not intended to directly represent naturalistic places and settings, though they will often support those elements. They are likely to serve a variety of literary functions in the performance.

There is a full-stage rear-projection cyclorama shown in these renderings in blue or gray. The white elements are front-projection surfaces. These include a rake at center-stage.

The set will include a rake center stage, a small false proscenium at mid-stage, and a few elements that fly in and out, including two small screens shaped as shown.

Both the false proscenium and the rake will include black painted boundaries that create a distorted sense of perspective. Their outside corners will actually be true 90 degree angles everywhere.

A number of eighteen-inch stools will be made available to the ensemble. There may be other furniture in the show, but these will be the workhorse for furniture. There might be four or upwards of eight.
The projected images might be anything. We are not adhering to realism or naturalistic logic in the visual composition. We will probably create appropriate colors and textures, but icons, commentary, irony, and other literary devices might find their way into the visuals. This window-shaped screen might easily become any number of things.
There is a dining-room scene. We will fly in a flat table-top with forced-perspective to serve as this piece of furniture. It will probably be set with roast-beef, plates, cups, and more. All of these will be solidly attached.
The rake itself is a projection surface. There will be two projectors on the apron, one rear-projection unit on the cyc, and three projectors for the false proscenium. Lighting for this show will include moving lights and sidelight.

Download AutoCAD File: of the People.dwg

In order to make best use of lumens and stock projectors, we will build a mirror-system that can rotate a projection field 90 degrees.
We will build two of these, and use them in the house from kiosk positions with 5000 lumen Vivitek projectors.